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Our firm has established at 1990 with the name AKT Machine. At the first years, we produced Transfer machines and Press mangles. After 1993 because of special machine demands, our product range has enlarged. Our firm made its first export at 2001, in the direction of rise of demands and technology we made the first CNC Transfer machine at 2003 and our firm is the first and single CNC Transfer machine producer in Turkey so raised its prestige. With CNC Transfer machines our export number 200% increased at 2004. With increase of abroad and domestic demands, we decided to move our all production lines to Tuzla Free Zone. Our firm which increase its export with Free Zone advantages, produced CNC-F1- Series Transfer machines at 2007, so it can compete with Italian and German competitors. Even with price and service advantages, we are at one step ahead. Besides, at 2009 it add forging lines at its product range, so it can set up line systems to its customers and services perfectionist solutions. Today with producing CNC-F1-PLUS series directed to forging, die casting , machining, fully robotic lines, our firm has became most prestigious firm in Turkey and also In the world marked we have proved Turkish product’s quality. TTM borrows its success to strategy of leading to technology, directly solutions, deliveries in time, fast services, earned team spirit marketing strategy which delivered with customer recommendations.  Our produced machines become different with high performance, profitability. Thank you very much for your support which bring us to that status.

Our Basic Aim, producing products which involved least problem and high technology but with economical prices; after this with giving best technical support and service, provide to you smooth, sensitive and qualified production with high speed and low cost.  

Company Vision and Mission, with improving its successful status at abroad and domestic areas continue to be the best in Turkey at areas which TTM Machine active and In the World improve its status between the bests. At the same time providing customer satisfaction with honesty and reliableness.

With watching closely the last technology and developments, at Transfer machine production, provide necessities at the best way and in terms of quality-price-performance at the best conditions at its own area be at the fore to the Turkish industry. Increasing its knowledge at abroad and domestic area satisfy and provide continuous of the needs.



Yeni Tanbur
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