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TTM Servo -F2- H Type presses are equivalent of high performance, maximum variability, high rigid structure and easy automatic adjustment searching.

TTM Servo -F2- H Type press models’ the most important features are they have the most technological substructure in the world, they can success many hard applications without any mechanic respose because it has servo motor control structure and users can make adjustments just with the servo motor program. 

This high technological servo controlled –F2-Press models can produced from a few firms in the World.  Besides we are the unique firm which can produce in Turkey.

Though this technological substructure you can forge many different type pieces in one machine, you can make piece, mold, etc. adjustments fast and flexible.

Servo –F2-model presses has robotic loading property. This model has 50-56 piece/1 minute capacity at coupled hot forge operations.

General Properties:

· Servo drived Crank structure.

· Fully automatic Servo motor drived ram adjustment.

· Fully Robotic 2 or 3 axis Servo motor drived automatic piece loading unit.

· Fully Digital (without any mechanic adjustment) forge tonage, impact time and quantity programming

· Fully Automatic Mold Closing Program.

· Full Motion Servo PLC drive.

· 22” Colorful touchscreen big control and drive screen.

· Easy programmable substructure with TTM Motion Plus interface programming screen

· Fully automatic greasing and servicing system with warning system.

· Ram and mold overlapping safety with hydroulic braker.

· Bearing from 8 surfaces long lived rigid ram structure.

· Ultra rigit construction (Ex: 200 Tone F2 press = 19,000 Kg)

· Pneumatics piece falling machanism..

· Tandem or standard bottom air cushion.

· Pneumatics double pointed balancer.

· Construction which suitable to ease work with liner mangle with wide table sizes .

We can produce Servo -F2- H Type Press models, at vertical or angled axis 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 Tone forging capacity.

Yeni Tanbur
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